Henry Ellenson is sure to be one of the more heavily recruited big men in his class.

By Bryan Kriss - bryankriss@hardwoodelite.com

The Minnesota Fury Invitational wasn't a loaded event, but it provided a nice opportunity to get a look at some of the talented underclassmen around the area. Here's a look at how some of the players performed.

Henry Ellenson (2015) - Ellenson has already gotten quite a bit of recruiting attention, and rightfully so. At about 6-foot-8 and probably around 230 pounds, Ellenson has very good size and strength for his age. Not only that, but he is a skilled and versatile player who can score from inside and out. He has soft hands and finishes well on the block through contact, but can also knock down jumpers from anywhere on the floor. Combine that with a good amount of explosiveness and you have at least a top 50 player nationally in his class. Probably even higher.

Alex Illikainen (2015) - We only got a chance to see Illikainen in one game, so we don't have a complete feel for him yet, but it's pretty clear that he is going to be heavily recruited. At around 6-foot-8, Illikainen is a very agile player who runs the floor effortlessly. He appears to have good hands and a solid level of skill as well. We will be keeping a close eye on his development in the future.

Marshawn Wilson (2015) - This was our first look at Wilson and he didn't fail to impress. He's slightly undersized for a shooting guard at about 6-foot-2, but he still has time to grow and he makes up for any lack of size with impressive athleticism and skill. He has a nice handle and did a very good job of creating off the dribble and either getting into the lane or pulling up for a jumper. His shot was falling at a good rate as well as he knocked down jumpers from various spots on the floor. Towards the end of MN Pump N Run's game against the MN Cyclones, he showed a competitive edge and will to win that's nice to see in a prospect as he took things into his own hands to get a thrilling, come-from-behind victory in bracket play.

Jarvis Johnson (2015) - Johnson is a true point guard and did a good job of running his team while playing against competition that was mostly 2 years older than him. He is a good athlete who has excellent control of the ball and displays impressive vision. You can usually count on him to make at least one no-look pass for an assist that catches the crowd off guard.

Amir Coffey (2016) - Coffey wasn't dominant by any means, but he is worth mentioning given his age and the fact that he was playing competition that was mostly 2 years older than him. He appears to do most of his damage spotting up on the wings, but showed the ability to put the ball on the floor and occasionally get to the rim as well. We will be keeping a close eye on him as he appears to have a solid amount of potential.

Delshon Strickland (2014) - Strickland showed a level of athleticism that we hadn't seen in the past. In a game against Get Shook, he had 3 of the better highlights of the day with a couple of impressive blocks and an alley oop dunk towards the end of regulation. Strickland is capable of knocking down three pointers and is a solid all-around player.